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About ReMAtics

2020 marked an important year for corporates and professionals around the globe with the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way we work and connect. ReMAtics was founded on an idea to provide remote working opportunities to professionals in Sri Lanka, whilst providing corporates globally with access to a diverse skill set and expertise in financial & macro research, financial modelling and written content.

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The name ReMAtics is inspired by the combination of our core offering - remote work + written work (linguistics) + numerical work (analytics) and the founders’ initials for a personalized touch. The logo is inspired by mathematical symbols embedded with the first letter of the name.

The Founders

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Amani Iqbal

Co-Founder, CEO

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Amani brings over 12 years of experience in the research industry, having specialized in the media sector, as well as in industry and country research. She currently holds the position of Lead Analyst at a global business intelligence provider.


With the birth of her first child, Amani switched to a remote working lifestyle in 2013,  to achieve a better work-life balance. Over the years, she has successfully overcome the challenges of communication and lack of social interaction while learning to multi-task and maintain a flexible, yet disciplined work routine.


Her passion for equality, combined with her experience in remote working, led to the decision to become an entrepreneur, taking on a new challenge in terms of self-development as well. She has lived and worked in Sri Lanka and the UK and returned to Dubai (where she was born and raised) in 2013, where she currently resides with her family. Her other interests include reading, learning about different cultures and travelling.

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Mangalee Goonetilleke

Co-Founder, COO

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Mangalee counts over a decade of experience in the equity research industry - most recently holding the position of Vice President of Research at a leading stock broking firm in Sri Lanka. She has specialized expertise in many sectors including Conglomerates, Consumer, Healthcare, Logistics and E-commerce.


Being a highly disciplined individual, with a passion for personal development, she brings with her extensive cumulative knowledge, a high level of integrity and great work ethic. Co-founding ReMAtics was a result of her seeking to continue her work in investment research while balancing her love for travel, exploring, and giving back to the community.


While she currently resides in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Mangalee is an avid traveler and has also lived and worked in Costa Rica. She is also an alumna of ‘Unsettled’, a global travel community. Mangalee takes a keen interest in reading, personal development and fitness.


ReMAtics Values


Skilled professionals with diverse experience and expertise from all types of ethnicities, religions and orientations


High attention to detail


To deliver timely and high quality work while maintaining client data security and confidentiality


Thorough vetting of freelancers, matching of skills to projects, and end-to-end project management

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