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ReMAtics provides expertise in financial & macro research, financial modelling and written content across a number of sectors

Core Services

Sector expertise and industry research

Providing clients with detailed insight into various factors affecting a particular sector, including industry drivers, growth potential, risks, challenges and opportunities

Company research

Analysing market forces (i.e. competition, new entrants, suppliers, customers and substitutes) and internal position (financial performance, growth opportunities, risks) of both listed and private companies

Company valuation

Carrying out detailed valuation of companies using methods such as discounted cash flow, market multiples and fair value

Financial statement analysis

Detailed analysis of listed and private company financial statements, segmental performance and ratio analysis

Country/macroeconomic research & analysis

Analysing the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and legal (PESTEL) factors affecting a region / country

Financial modelling & forecasting

Building comprehensive financial models for companies including detailed profit and loss statements, balance sheet and cash flow statements, detailed revenue and cost drivers, and ratio analysis

Financial writing

Assistance with report writing (sector and company reports), annual report sections of listed companies, company investor presentations, and company profiles

Other written content

Includes article writing for blogs, social media and websites,

newsletters (compiling news and writing news articles), internal

company presentations and editorial work

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